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Coton de Tulear Education and Excellence

About Us

We're delighted that your research has led you to the Coton de Tulear Breeders of Excellence!

The Coton de Tulear Breeders of Excellence are united in our love of this magnificent breed. Our group was born out of a desire to offer prospective Coton owners the expertise of ethical dog fanciers who share common goals and a mutual respect for integrity.

Recognizing that you’re choosing a new family member and may become overwhelmed by this daunting task, we’ve come together to make your puppy buying experience one of the most fun and rewarding times of your life!!!

We're a diverse group of highly experienced Coton de Tulear breeders. When you read our cumulative biographies, you’ll be excited to learn that you have the resources of some of the most respected and knowledgeable breeders in the Coton Community at your fingertips.

As breeders who are actively at the pulse of the Coton World, we know all the ups and downs of dog breeding and ownership. Together we share over 100 years of breeding happy, healthy Cotons de Tulear for you to love.

Our combined resources offer you the opportunity to glean information from breeders who have served as board members and founders of many Coton organizations. We share among us pioneers in health testing Cotons and progressive individuals who have been instrumental in establishing health testing requirements in various organizations.

As you will see listed below, The Coton de Tulear Breeders of Excellence are firm believers in ongoing education. We strive to stay on top of all of the latest research in genetics, health, breeding and training.

Exhibiting for conformation is one of the tools good breeders use to evaluate their breeding stock. We have a multitude of Cotons who have earned their Championship titles. Our Cotons have enjoyed the title of #1 Coton Rankings in many organizations and have consistently earned Top 10 rankings.

Members of the Coton de Tulear Breeders of Excellence own and have produced numerous therapy dogs and service dogs . These special dogs make life much easier for their special people. We're very happy to say that the temperament of a well-bred Coton is a perfect match for the job.

After you read the collective accomplishments of the Coton de Tulear Breeders of Excellence, it's our hope that you're inspired with confidence and assurance that we're totally dedicated to breeding healthy, happy Coton de Tulear puppies, who exhibit all of the marvelous characteristics of the breed.


Breeders of a large number of Champions, Grand Champions and International Champions.

Breeders of Cotons who have held #1 Coton honors and have achieved Top 10 honors in various conformation organizations.

bullet Breeders of agility and obedience dogs
bullet Breeders of therapy dogs and crisis response dogs
bullet Delta Society Pet Therapy Team Evaluators
bullet Canine Good Citizen Evaluators
bullet Professional dog trainer
bullet Veterinary Assistant
bullet Agility Instructor
bullet Puppy Kindergarten Instructor
bullet Mentors of numerous Coton breeders


bullet UCARE, Coton de Tulear Rescue supporters, volunteers and contributors.
bullet Local Shelter Contacts


bullet Over 35 total years of active participation in Board Service in numerous Coton Organizations
bullet Instrumental in the founding of several Coton Organizations


bullet Health
bullet Rescue
bullet Show
bullet Newsletter Editors
bullet Newsletter Contributors
bullet Web site
bullet Advertising
bullet Nominating



bullet Myra Savant Reproduction and Puppy Intensive Care
bullet Dr. Hutchinson Canine Reproduction
bullet Carmen Battaglia Breeding Better Dogs
bullet Suzanne Clothier The Enriched Puppy
bullet Dr. Marco Bregliano DMV Canine Reproduction


bullet Turid Rugaas Seminar
bullet Gilbert Handling Seminar
bullet George Alston Handling Seminar
bullet Suzanne Clothier - Building Observation Skills
bullet Suzanne Clothier - From Maddening to Maturity, Understanding and Helping the Adolescent Dog
bullet Suzanne Clothier - Drives, Brakes and Steering: Keeping Your Dog in the Think & Learn Zone
bullet Trish King - Dogs Everywhere: Dog to Dog Interactions


bullet Dr.Jean Dodds – Vaccination Protocols and Rabies Challenge
bullet Dr. Brian Skorohach, DVM, DACVO - Canine Genetic Eye Diseases
bullet Dr. Erin Chu, DVM, PhD - Embark for Cotons, Genetic Seminar


bullet Sabine Contreas of The Dog Food Project


bullet Gilberts K9 Structure
bullet Pat Hastings-Structure in Action and Solving the Puppy Puzzle

Special Talents:

bullet Web site designers
bullet Blog designers
bullet Graphic Artists
bullet Newsletter editors
bullet Authors of numerous Coton articles and owners of many dog books and video references.


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Breeders of Excellence

Breeders of Excellence

Breeders of Excellence

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